You are the rainbow of my life

I was supposed to make a post about my guardian angel. Hence, I tried surfing the web for blogs on angels. In the process, I was fascinated by a poem for Angela wherein I can relate myself. With the author’s permission, who doesn’t want me to link this post to his blog, I repost the poem. Article on My Guardian Angel will have to wait. Yes, ’twill follow next.

Like a rainbow
you come, after the storm
you accept me just as I am
you let the sun shine through
I am no longer the same.

Like a rainbow.
I wish the luster would stay forever
inevitably, at times, it disappears
But I don’t have fear
I know its presence is still there
to appear again after another storm

Like a rainbow
our relationship looks like a compromise
between the storm and sunlight
my life’s clouded with rainstorm
yours is brilliant as daylight.

Like a rainbow
Our love will glow
to prove the paradox of life,
how contradictory forces harmonize
to show the beauty in life,
when unlike poles unite.


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