Finally, I got her loud and clear message

That’s the response I got  to my  proposal in the previous post. It will be recalled that I made a commitment  to maintain my friendship with an endearing woman and nothing more. I  promise  not to  burden her with my text messages, apart from usual greetings and show of concern from a friend. My only request is to allow me to love her  through the blog and find freedom in expressing what is inside me without fear and reservation. And let such feelings, freedom and even fantasies end there.

But she has a point and I respect that. If there is any other  woman I hold in high esteem, apart from my wife, it is her. She is so trustworthy. I have high respect on her seemingly  conservative ways, values and mindset. She always insists on a clean and wholesome relationship. I even thank her for being patient and understanding, despite the fact that I have hurt her with my  annoying innuendos and bothersome allusions and illusions, and unguarded recklessness.  Still, she handled that rage with civility and grace.

What now? Regular readers and followers know very well that this blog is a tribute to that  woman for successfully touching a soft spot in my being whose impact until now I cannot fully explain. Of all the women I met in my life, yea I have related with, there is only one worth comparing i.e. my beloved wife. I am not saying that the other women I have loved were less significant. I have valued them and treasured our relationship. But the extent of inspiration and challenge, as well as the gentle, albeit imposing or should I say domineering approach of the aforementioned duo makes the distinction. Coupled with their trustworthiness and simplicity of lifestyle that seems to take offense on lavish ways and even praises.

Sadly, I accept her decision, which is very obvious from the beginning. In fact, it was loud and clear since then. But I refused to listen and see. With this, I now  put an end to my fantasies and face the realities. Will this also end my blog?


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