You made my day, again

Such has become a cliché to us as we enjoy each other’s  exchanges of text messages almost daily. Sort of appreciation for the relief we  mutually find from each other after  a tiring day’s office work. Regardless of the sweetness or harshness of our jokes, we accept them as they are without malice. Although, at times, we can read between lines  an element of truth in  expressing sweet nothings in unconventional way. Surely, you protest this allegation as you often do  and always will, which is but natural, unlike my constant admission.

Yes, it has become sort of ritual to take turns  in initiating  the conversation  with me in the morning while you take charge of the evening’s session. Although, at times, I have to concede to your endearing naughtiness  which I always expect. Many times you made me wait in suspense which you tried to compensate with your  charms. I have to admit I long for such moments  as  I always make a good laugh and in the process, relieving  any stress or erasing any shade of doubt for the completeness  of the day.

But it was different last night. I waited for you to open the line of communication but you did not. I tried to wait for more  time without success. So, I   initiated a joke or sort of insult but you did not take  the bait. I was little bit discouraged. Nay,  mad, frustrated. Deep within me is a sigh  of protest,  a cry of injustice for  how could you do this to me while I have been religious in doing my part? But when the nasty feeling subsided, I realized it was unfair for me to judge you without basis. After all, you did not commit yourself to anything as  I always tend to assume.

Thereafter, there was a change of climate. A feeling of concern has replaced the impatience and rudeness. Many thoughts had flashed into my mind on the possible causes that might have given you lots of  anguish. You might have lost your cellphone and so worried that you could not communicate with me as expected. Or  somebody had sneaked  into the intimate exchanges in your phone and intervened in our affairs which curtailed your freedom to express yourself. Worse, you might be into an inner struggle against yourself – forcing yourself to distance from me while you can still  resist the temptation to seriously fall in love with me.

With all these disturbing  thoughts I  could hardly slept, worrying about you. I think I had slept later than usual as my mind was preoccupied with thoughts on how to  monitor your real situation the next day. Probably, I was so engrossed with such thoughts that I failed to check my cellphone before falling asleep.

It was early in the morning upon waking up that I read the text message which you sent almost midnight. Your feeling sorry for not texting was a consolation to me. But the reason why was far from my list and seemed to put in vanity all my worries. It was even beyond my expectations. A slap to my illusion. Should I be happy or sad to know that  you were so  engrossed with, albeit entertained by watching the Kapamilya teleserye (ABSCBN television soap opera) that you  fell asleep without knowing it?

Wheewww! Strange, ridiculous, absurd or whatever. Still, you made my day, again.