Something to tell you

You wonder why I want to talk with you for a longer time? I tried to ask myself similar question.


ImageNothing  less than to know you more. Maybe I just  want to be realistic. We have already spent  some time and perhaps emotion in exchanging text messages that mutually made our day.  Hopefully,  we will be spending more depending on  how we sustain such friendship.  To what extent we enjoy such  new relationship  may vary from time to time. Undeniably, however, we  find refuge in each other virtual presence after a day’s  work, most often a tough one,   tiring and at times tiresome , yet  fulfilling. And so I feel it proper to know the person   to whom I would invest more time and trust.

For what?

Probably, I want to have a glimpse of what is in you that attracts me to engage in such friendship and trust.  Admittedly, I do not know you aside from our interaction in classrooms and later in texting.  But I just  feel comfortable  and maybe secured in exchanging intimate  thoughts  and feelings,  maybe in the form of jokes or seemingly  senseless  comments though never lack  in meaning and   sensibility. ImageYou aptly said  it  when you texted something  like this  – “ there are things that should be enjoyed and appreciated, not  necessarily (or  at all  times)  understood.” Perhaps the artist in you  dictated such  thought which   I subsequently  agreed.  But the philosopher in me is restive until I  find  its meaning . And I feel knowing you more will make me discover  the answer be it proximate  if not ultimate.

And then what?

Again, I have to be realistic.  There is no illusion in me to  seriously court you  as we are no longer free to engage in such relationship. Neither is there any  wild thought to dream that fate  will eventually catch us together in most unlikely   course of events  or circumstances.  Although, nothing is impossible in a world full of surprises and antipodes.

compromiseAnd so why do I have such interest to know you more?

I don’t know. I just feel there is something good to happen between us  for without which our paths would  never cross this way, unintentionally or unexpectedly. For I have been conditioned to look for mutuality in relationship and service with the end view of development- a sustainable one.   I might have also internalized  the distinctive Filipino value of “utang  na  loob”. Admittedly, you have done something good to me. As I told you, you have touched something in my being. You have made me happy many times. And perhaps I long for your company.


But more than that, I want to return  the favor.  My life experiences have taught me  to be inclusive- to seek not only my own benefit, but that of others, as well, not only to be served but to serve.  Maybe I want to be of help to you sometime in the future, somewhere  and  in whatever ways. Not necessarily because you need it. But I  believe you deserve it. You deserve to  be happy and to be loved