Confusing signals

We could have met yesterday after the semestral break. I was quite excited to see you again face-to-face. More so, when earlier you insinuated that I could treat you to a lunch for your belated birthday celebration. Although, admittedly I was in a dilemma because of a lunch meeting scheduled later to finalize coordinated relief operation and medical mission to isolated island areas ravaged by Typhoon Yolanda. I have committed our organization to do the ground work and assist in the actual operation. But I have resolved the issue by proposing to bring you to the meeting as you are in the position to guide us because of your past experiences including your current work. Thereafter, we would have all the time to talk and celebrate.

Yet , few hours before the schedule, you texted me you could not come because of some important matters. While I felt bad about it, I tried to understand your priority and console myself that perhaps the situation turned out to be favorable so that our group could concentrate on our mission. For a while, I forgot about you and focus on the preparation. Until you texted me late in the afternoon kidding me whether my day was complete without your presence. Of course, I replied with my signature sarcastic joke – ridiculing you for asking things you already know and daring to laugh at my misfortune, clinching such with sigh for my predicament. You did not reply. So, I made a follow up to prick your conscience informing you about my commendable initiative just to materialize our date. But you kept mum. Attempting to ease the tension, I reminded you that I was the aggrieved party, hence, you have no reason to feel offended. Still, you maintained your silence which confused me – either you did not get the joke, or so guilt-ridden, or just insensitive to the feelings of others?

I was then reminded of your confession during one of our last conversations before the break. When I commended you for your sense of maturity compared to your age. In fact, this is one thing I admire in you. Yea, the thing that attracts me. We can easily level off intellectually. While agreeing with me, you made mention about your seeming immaturity in relationship. I did not pursue the issue for I refused to believe you, having been impressed by your personality and attitude towards life. But now, I got confused with the signals.  Inevitably, a picture of an outgoing girl, charming and witty, outsmarting many – me  included, in some instances. Yet, keep her distance and retreat to her comfort zone when the goings get tough and rough.

A contrasting level of IQ and EQ? Are you trying to reveal yourself to me, now? Or the circumstances have started to unveil your vulnerability? Like what the after effect of Typhoon Yolanda has been doing in our country- exposing the vulnerabilities of our leaders and politicians  as they handle the crises.


I almost seized your elusiveness

Yesterday was such a wonderful day. Finally, I almost seized  your elusiveness.  But easily you untangled yourself to the impending  snares .  I have prepared some questions to  pin you down but you did not take the bait. Instead you mesmerized me with your story that I seemed to forget my propositions.

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Still, the moments we shared are worth cherishing. The euphoria has not subsided yet in me. Such rare opportunity to engage you in a personal encounter longer than usual was a dream come true. While you might have been amused with my shallow happiness, its impact is deep. For  I understood your predicament at that time,yea your dilemma. Yet you managed to give in to my  request while holding on to your conviction and tradition.

I might not have gotten what I wanted, but you have given me my needs. While you unveiled  a portion of yourself, you maintained the aura of mystery. You have fulfilled your promise without  compromising your principle. Our talk has been spontaneous but it covered other necessary areas unplanned for.

By showing me such kind of kindness, I have learned to respect you the  more. You  just  don’t know how I thank the Divine for sending  you to me with the corresponding inspiration  you bring. I hope someday, I can return the favor to  be of help to you sometime, somehow, somewhere, even beyond the blue horizon. Indeed, you are my guardian angel, the rainbow of my life.