I almost seized your elusiveness

Yesterday was such a wonderful day. Finally, I almost seized  your elusiveness.  But easily you untangled yourself to the impending  snares .  I have prepared some questions to  pin you down but you did not take the bait. Instead you mesmerized me with your story that I seemed to forget my propositions.

Taken from: my.opera.com

Still, the moments we shared are worth cherishing. The euphoria has not subsided yet in me. Such rare opportunity to engage you in a personal encounter longer than usual was a dream come true. While you might have been amused with my shallow happiness, its impact is deep. For  I understood your predicament at that time,yea your dilemma. Yet you managed to give in to my  request while holding on to your conviction and tradition.

I might not have gotten what I wanted, but you have given me my needs. While you unveiled  a portion of yourself, you maintained the aura of mystery. You have fulfilled your promise without  compromising your principle. Our talk has been spontaneous but it covered other necessary areas unplanned for.

By showing me such kind of kindness, I have learned to respect you the  more. You  just  don’t know how I thank the Divine for sending  you to me with the corresponding inspiration  you bring. I hope someday, I can return the favor to  be of help to you sometime, somehow, somewhere, even beyond the blue horizon. Indeed, you are my guardian angel, the rainbow of my life.


You are the rainbow of my life

I was supposed to make a post about my guardian angel. Hence, I tried surfing the web for blogs on angels. In the process, I was fascinated by a poem for Angela wherein I can relate myself. With the author’s permission, who doesn’t want me to link this post to his blog, I repost the poem. Article on My Guardian Angel will have to wait. Yes, ’twill follow next.

Like a rainbow
you come, after the storm
you accept me just as I am
you let the sun shine through
I am no longer the same.

Like a rainbow.
I wish the luster would stay forever
inevitably, at times, it disappears
But I don’t have fear
I know its presence is still there
to appear again after another storm

Like a rainbow
our relationship looks like a compromise
between the storm and sunlight
my life’s clouded with rainstorm
yours is brilliant as daylight.

Like a rainbow
Our love will glow
to prove the paradox of life,
how contradictory forces harmonize
to show the beauty in life,
when unlike poles unite.